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Georgia university professor tells students they can now choose their own GRADES in order to avoid being “stressed” by the grade they actually earned

Could you imagine being the soldier, parachuting down into enemy territory, not knowing where the next round of gunfire is going to come from? Imagine hitting the ground full steam, knowing the harsh reality of the mission that lay ahead – the confrontation of savages and the women and children that need to be rescued.

Now throw all the bravery and courage aside and step into the shoes of a modern day college student. At the University of Georgia, a professor has adopted a “stress reduction policy” that allows students to pick their own grades if they “feel unduly stressed” by the grades they earned.

The professor doesn’t understand that people only grow when they face their challenges head on, not back away from them. Humans become stronger and more resilient when they learn how to cope with stress, not back down from it. Stress only has a negative effect if people have not learned to use it to their advantage to build their courage and bravery.

The professor’s policy allows students to choose to feel stressed, even though studying and learning are inherently enjoyable, not stressful. The stress of schoolwork is frivolous compared to real life issues that people face. This professor is teaching students to be weak and incapable, unable to meet real deadlines and goals.

By crowning themselves successful, instead of working toward it, these students will be allowed to “succeed,” but their success is a facade, with no tangible feeling of satisfaction or accomplishment.

Not all successes bring the same level of satisfaction and gratification. When success, money, and notoriety are handed out freely, people will never feel the same level of satisfaction as is they organically developed their character and persevere toward real life goals. If a person does not get to endure the blood, sweat, and tears that led to the success, then they will never experience the true feeling and meaning of success.

Therefore it’s important to reward and compliment our children for the actions of commitment, determination, and perseverance, instead of handing things to them or making them think they are automatically special and entitled.

The professor’s ignorant policy also allows students to walk away from group work with no explanation if they feel stressed by “group dynamics.” This policy is only a recipe to further exacerbate the students’ weaknesses, destroying their ability to work together and solve problems. (Related: It’s time to deny all government funding to liberal colleges that can’t stand up to their own deranged, intolerant students.)

Dr. Richard Watson’s online course syllabus explains that the policy has been put in place because “emotional reactions to stressful situations can have profound consequences for all involved.” He is basically stating he is unfit to babysit the whiny, stressed-out students, who are permitted to be crybullies.

The syllabus states that if a student doesn’t like the grade they received, they can “email the instructor indicating what grade [they] think is appropriate, and it will be so changed” with “no explanation” required.

The last part of the policy focuses on language control. The professor will allow “only positive comments” during in-class presentations. Any constructive criticism or questions will be denounced as negativity. “Comments designed to improve future presentations will be communicated by email,” the policy reads.

The syllabus does admit that the policy “might hinder the development of group skills and mastery of the class materials” but this, Watson states, is ultimately a student’s “responsibility.”

As these college students opt out of the work and decide to feel stressed instead, there will be real soldiers and real people fighting for freedom in all aspects of life. These people know how to use real stressful situations to their advantage so they can thrive and win in extreme conditions.

The professor should be fired for his ineptness and the class should be mocked for being a fraud to society.

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