Campus Insanity /campusinsanity Campus Insanity Tue, 24 Jan 2017 04:22:09 +0000 en-US hourly 1 The ten false fears of the unhinged left that have transformed once-productive citizens into quivering mounds of Trump-a-noia /campusinsanity/2017-01-23-the-ten-false-fears-of-the-unhinged-left-donald-trump-intolerance.html /campusinsanity/2017-01-23-the-ten-false-fears-of-the-unhinged-left-donald-trump-intolerance.html#respond Wed, 30 Nov -0001 00:00:00 +0000 Like many Americans, I’ve watch the bizarre anti-Trump “women’s march” events and wildly dishonest media coverage over the last few days with a sense of amusement. What’s remarkable about everything being voiced by the unhinged left these days is that none of it has any basis in fact or reason.

The “war on women” doesn’t exist. The “KKK influence” that CNN claims has taken over the White House is an absolute hoax. The “Russian takeover” of the U.S. government that has been ridiculously claimed by the Washington Post is complete fiction. On one issue after another, every fear whipped up by the insane left turns out to be nothing more than sheer delusion.

So why are they so angry all the time? And why are blabbering idiots like Ashley Judd and Madonna so convinced that a Trump administration means an end to their twisted universe?

The answer is incredibly simple: The lying media keeps pushing fake news as a form of “journo-terrorism” that’s deliberately designed to enrage liberal America and gin up a nationwide delusional psychosis that translates into HATE against Donald Trump. (That’s the real “tolerance” of the left on display… it’s actually rooted in racism, bigotry and deep-rooted intolerance of everything from religion to masculinity to people with white skin.)

It’s not just a series of simple “fake news” hoaxes, either — such as the fake TIME story that ridiculously claimed Donald Trump had removed the bust of Martin Luther King Jr. from the White House — it’s actually an orchestrated campaign of malicious anti-Trump propaganda that’s being engineered and broadcast for the purpose of destroying the Trump administration and overthrowing America.

The communist left does not respect law, order, democracy or our Republic

Ever since the commie left (which runs the media) failed to install its totalitarian globalist (Hillary Clinton) into office, it has been on a quest to destroy democracy, crush the Republic and foment a popular uprising that leads to mass violence. This malicious, shared goal across CNN, Washington Post, NYT, Huffington Post and other shameless, anti-American media presstitutes is what I call “journo-terrorism.” It is a psychological weapon of mass destruction that’s being deployed against the minds of the American people on an hourly basis. It is a kind of “mental bombardment” being waged as an act of psychological warfare across the social landscape of America.

In effect, CNN, MSNBC and the entire left-wing media apparatus is psychologically carpet bombing the psyche of America with orchestrated lies, disinfo and propaganda designed to overthrow the legitimate government (the Trump administration, currently). It’s much more than mere “fake news,” you see: It’s a full-blown theater of war against the human psyche.

Ten false fears being deployed as journo-terrorism WMDs (weapons of mental destruction) against the American people

Here are just a few of the journo-terrorism “bombs” being deployed against the minds of the American people on a daily basis:

1) The imagined war on women. There is no such war. The Trump administration honors and celebrates women. His campaign victory, in fact, was led by a woman. It is the Clintons who abuse, rape, threaten and intimidate women, yet somehow Bill Clinton remains celebrated by the left.

Do any of the women in the “pussy march” realize they are, in effect, marching in support of the accused rapist and sexual predator known as Bill Clinton?

2) The imagined climate change apocalypse. Climate change was a massive hoax… a quack science con dreamed up by Al Gore and the left-wing globalists to engage in a whole new global con of wealth extraction from a compliant population of green-dreamy sheeple. (Mr. Ponzi would have been proud.) Thank goodness the Trump administration has already wiped clean of all the climate change hoax quackery.

3) The imagined war on minorities. There is no war on minorities. In truth, the Trump plan to Make American Great Again will free minorities from the trap of government dependence and help them find rewarding employment that gives them new freedom and opportunity. Liberals want African-Americans to be slaves of their nanny state, not free men and women who can cast off the burden of subservience. Want more proof? Eight years after a black man was elected President of the United States, blacks in America are no better off than they were in 2007.

4) The imagined war against gays and transgenders. There is no Trump war against anyone in the LGBT community. Gay marriage is the law of the land and will remain unchallenged by the Trump administration. Trump isn’t anti-gay by any stretch. On social issues, he’s actually quite liberal. Gays and lesbians are welcomed in Trump’s America as much as anyone else. Anyone who thinks Trump is anti-gay has been tricked by the lying fake news media into suffering from “gaylusional paranoia.”

5) The imagined Russian takeover of the U.S. government. The entire Russian conspiracy whitewash was nothing more than a ridiculous ploy to distract the nation from the content of the damning Jon Podesta emails leaked by Wikileaks. Those emails expose a massive criminal cabal and deep culture of corruption inside the democratic party (run by liberty-hating elitists and unethical corruption bosses). The entire Russian conspiracy fiction was invoked out of thin air to change the subject and prevent any real scrutiny of the Wikileaks email dumps.

6) The imagined war on the poor. There is no war on the poor by Republicans. In reality, the real war on the poor is committed by Democrats who are led by a wealthy, arrogant elite that’s totally disconnected from the working men and women of America. While Trump is also wealthy, he got there through hard work, not living as a government parasite or accumulating cash by selling influence (i.e. the Clinton Crime Foundation). No one will help America’s poor gain new opportunities more than President Donald Trump. By reducing the cost burden of Obamacare, Trump will incentivize employers to expand their operations, add new jobs and employ an ever-increasing number of new workers. The best way to lift people out of poverty is to create opportunities for employment and growth, not to trap people in an endless cycle of government handouts and unearned entitlements.

7) The imagined KKK invasion. If you watch the unhinged left-wing media, you’ll see numerous reports on “KKK attacks” against the homes or churches of African-Americans. What that same media never reports is that most of these so-called “hate crimes” turn out to be hoaxes carried out by the victims themselves. The number of actual white-on-black hate crimes in America is exceedingly small. There are a far greater number of hate crime hoaxes than legitimate hate crimes. At the same time, black professors in universities across America are literally teaching black-on-white hatred and intolerance, deliberately engineering reverse racism across the country while calling it “social justice warrior” training. So yes, there is racism in America: It’s being taught all across the public education system, and it’s rooted in hatred and intolerance directed at fair-skinned people who are judged by the color of their skin. According to Martin Luther King, Jr., that’s the very definition of racism!

To get a taste of the kind of delusional paranoia infecting the minds of misinformed African-Americans, check out this article from Grabien news:

Another candidate said black Americans are now living with “justified fear” of being killed after Donald Trump was elected president.

Raymond Buckley, the chairman for the New Hampshire Democratic Party, told a story about how, in the midst of “grieving” on Election Day, he received a call from his black niece, who feared for her life after Trump’s victory.

Huh? Black people have been literally brainwashed into thinking President Trump is going to unleash genocidal death squads across the inner cities. I’ve got some news for black folks who fear for their lives: The real people murdering black people are almost universally other black people. (Chicago, anyone?) All patriotic black folks across America should be happy Trump is finally going to work to halt the inner city violence and support universal concealed carry rights so that honest black Americans can defend their families and property against the lawless gang bangers, rioters and violent protesters that Obama let run loose across the country.

8) The imagined “intolerance” epidemic. Any rational observation of bigotry and intolerance in America today would have to conclude it’s the political LEFT that’s steeped in bigotry and intolerance. While white people voted for Obama in record numbers and put the first black man into the White House, somehow they’re never “tolerant” enough, according to the bigots on the left. Now, the full bigotry of liberalism is on full display as Sen. Jeff Sessions (for example) is falsely labeled a black hater just because of his southern dialect.

African-Americans in the Trump administration are openly called “mediocre negroes” by the bigoted left, and the entire radicalization of the violent, unhinged left has demonstrated that when they don’t get their way, they resort to mass violence, screaming and crybully tactics. There is an epidemic of intolerance in America… and it’s found squarely on the political left.

9) The imagined war on Muslims. According to the unhinged left, Trump had declared war on all Muslims just because he’s stated his intention to destroy ISIS, an international terrorism group. The political left in America is so mentally ill that they actually want to welcome terrorists into America… and even apologize for their acts of domestic terrorism by saying they were “driven to such acts” by intolerance. (Yeah, this is how sick and demented the narratives of the left have become.)

President Trump is absolutely correct in stating that while America welcomes law-abiding immigrants from all religious backgrounds, including Muslims, we must practice extreme vetting of would-be immigrants from extremist regions of the world where certain fringe factions are recruiting, training and dispatching “sleeper cell” terrorists to attack America. Wanting to protect America from ISIS terrorism does not make someone a hater of the Muslim religion. One of my colleagues (and a top voice for health freedom in America) is a Muslim, and he’s a true patriot for America. The religious of Islam is not a threat to America… it’s only terrorists who invoke Islam (or any religion, for that matter) who are the real threat. And as far as I’m concerned, the “religion” (actually more like a cult) of Communism is actually the greatest threat to America.

10) The imagined war on Mexicans. When Donald Trump said, as a candidate, that some illegal aliens were committing violent crimes in America — including rapes and murders — he was absolutely correct. It’s not a matter of debate or opinion: Illegal aliens are routinely arrested for committing violent crimes after being deported multiple times. Yet the wholly dishonest left-wing media deliberately altered Trump’s quote out of context and falsely claimed that he was labeling ALL Mexicans as “rapists and murderers.”

In truth, Donald Trump welcomes legal immigrants to America. His wife is a legal immigrant (and so is my wife, for the record). In fact, Trump is the first President in a very long time to have married an immigrant. He welcomes legal immigration yet asserts the enforcement of our national boundaries… something every sovereign nation has a right to do (and does everywhere else all over the world, including Mexico itself).

In reality, Donald Trump is going to employ tens of thousands of Mexicans to help build the wall! Once that’s done, their skills will be needed elsewhere to rebuild America’s infrastructure and manufacturing base. America loves Mexicans who are willing to follow the law and enter the country legally.

Solutions: Here’s how the Trump administration can fight the disinfo and set the record straight

I’ve posted three stories that offer powerful strategies for the Trump administration to help defend America, defeat the radical left-wing media and get going with Making America Great Again.

See all the following:

WINNING: Ten highly effective ways President Trump and Kellyanne Conway can win the war against the dishonest, America-hating left-wing news cartels

A NEW HOPE: Ten of the best and boldest ideas for President Trump to MAGA while prosecuting the real enemies of this great nation

The Health Ranger’s 10-point plan to help Make America Great Again (VIDEO)

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Why the truth is vilified (and lies are celebrated) everywhere across our twisted society /campusinsanity/2017-01-19-why-the-truth-is-vilified-and-lies-are-celebrated.html /campusinsanity/2017-01-19-why-the-truth-is-vilified-and-lies-are-celebrated.html#respond Wed, 30 Nov -0001 00:00:00 +0000 Have you noticed how people who tell the truth are vilified by pop culture and the media while those who lie and deceive are routinely celebrated?

Almost without exception, those individuals who are celebrated by mainstream media and pop culture are the most deceptive, destructive and dishonest people in society. At the same time, anyone who makes it a point to tell the truth and contribute to human knowledge and awakening is attacked, slandered, vilified and blacklisted. It’s totally twisted!

“If you’re a journalist and you report the truth, you will be fired… you will be censored.”

Today I’ve released a new mini-documentary that explains all this in more detail. It’s a 15-minute video that explores this disturbing phenomenon across our twisted society.

“Voices of truth that cannot be silenced will be destroyed by the status quo…”

Watch it at this link or view it below: (share with everyone!)

Also, check out the following new websites we’re launching to turn the tables on the liars and deceivers in our society, exposing truth in every sector: – Brings you independent news on the Trump presidency, without all the hatred and fakery of the “fakestream media” like CNN. – Real-time aggregation of headlines from across the most heavily censored independent news sites on the ‘net. – The privacy-protected search engine that indexes thousands of independent media websites. – Breaking news podcasts, video and audio on current events, featuring independent, courageous voices. – Exposes the news fakery of the mainstream media and covers the rise of the new media. (launching soon) – Exposes all the fake science of the vaccine industry, Big Pharma, global warming temperature fraud and more.

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College SJWs opt to label conservative student group as “hate group” in hopes of BLOCKING them from speaking /campusinsanity/2017-01-13-college-liberals-opt-to-label-conservative-student-group-as-hate-groupin-hopes-of-blocking-them-from-speaking.html /campusinsanity/2017-01-13-college-liberals-opt-to-label-conservative-student-group-as-hate-groupin-hopes-of-blocking-them-from-speaking.html#respond Wed, 30 Nov -0001 00:00:00 +0000 College campuses are currently a haven for complete crybabies trying to bully their sane counterparts from participating in their right to free speech. By trying to claim that any voices that differ from their own are actually “hate speech,” many of the members of the Regressive Left are infringing on the First Amendment rights of college students that are merely trying to express themselves. As frustrating as this is, it is far from an anomaly in this day and age.

Recently, a group of students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison set forth to destroy those on campus whose opinions differ from their own. Of course, the ones trying to silence the others are raging leftists — and their opponents are not the evil monsters they would lead you to believe. In fact, it’s just the university’s branch of Young Americans for Freedom — a reputable conservative organization that brings freedom-loving speakers to college campuses.

A petition entitled “Denounce Young Americans for Freedom and the alt-right” was created by a group known as the Student Coalition for Progress in hopes of getting the group kicked off of campus. It didn’t stop there, though, the writer of the petition also suggested that those involved with the group undergo intensive diversity training. No, this is not satire.

Tom Knighton of PJ Media reports that in response to the assault on free speech, Young Americans for Freedom stated, “The petition was launched about a month after YAF hosted conservative columnist Ben Shapiro on campus to speak about microaggressions, safe spaces and free speech. The petition decried Shapiro’s visit, claiming it made minority students feel unsafe, and accused Shapiro of denying ‘systematic and institutional violences’ against so-called marginalized communities.”

For some reason, there aren’t a whole lot of people talking about the shocking amount of people that are attacking free speech, especially on college campuses. Apparently, since this only affects those who are currently enrolled in college courses, people that should be discussing this are not. But now is the time to get serious. As they say, sunlight is the best disinfectant and the only way to stop events like this from happening time and time again is to expose these leftists for being the fascists-in-training that they are.

If there is any justice in the world, Young Americans for Freedom and other groups like them will remain on campuses and continue to spread the truth to those who need it most — millennials.



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The Political Left’s Shmoo Theory of Education /campusinsanity/2017-01-05-the-political-lefts-shmoo-theory-of-education.html /campusinsanity/2017-01-05-the-political-lefts-shmoo-theory-of-education.html#respond Wed, 30 Nov -0001 00:00:00 +0000

“Uneducated” is the favorite insult and excuse of the political left. In the past year alone, for example, a lack of education among voters has been used to explain each of the left’s electoral failures, as well as to dismiss criticisms of its people, policies, and institutions. These defenses are dubious to say the least. Yet setting aside the strategic choices of left-wing political groups, the obsession with un-education reveals that there are serious problems with the way education is understood by the intellectual classes.

(Article by Matthew McCaffrey, republished from

Most importantly, the popular use of the word “education” suffers from the same error as the mainstream economic use of the word “capital.” This shouldn’t be a surprise, given that education is often metaphorically described as “human capital.” The error is that both capital and education are thought of as a kind of “homogeneous blob,” or “shmoo.” A shmoo is elastic and can be molded by the user into any shape necessary, and it’s therefore equally serviceable in all possible uses. Anyone who wants to use it as a production input must simply decide how much to apply to a specific problem.

In reality, of course, capital and education are both highly heterogeneous. The structure of production is extremely delicate and difficult to organize, and so too is the structure of human knowledge.

Unfortunately, this fact escapes those intellectuals who concern themselves with other people’s lack of education: in current discourse, education is a homogeneous good acquired exclusively through obtaining formal degrees. To lack a college degree is to lack education, while the more degrees one acquires, the better educated one is. Importantly, all education is equally serviceable across all areas of expertise. English majors can talk about economics, and physicists can talk about politics. But anyone who isn’t a product of the university education system is barred from participating in these discussions.

It should be easy to spot the errors in this kind of thinking. First, no matter what kind of education we pursue, we don’t simply add new blobs of it to a big pile. Instead, we acquire specific, distinct types of knowledge which vary widely in their serviceability. Second, and more important, education is not equivalent to obtaining degrees. It means different things in different contexts, and the education that takes place in higher education institutions reflects only a specific and narrow type of learning. Depending on one’s area of study, this kind of learning can often lack relevance outside the classroom, and in this sense, it actually undermines the role of education as a practical tool for learning how to create value within society. This is part of the reason why university-educated people flock to the intellectual class to begin with.

In fact, sometimes obtaining the relevant kind of education is impossible within higher education. To take some obvious examples, many of the most successful and world-changing entrepreneurs of the past few decades have been college dropouts. Needless to say, they’ve given a bit more to the human race than the average Huffington Post writer. On a smaller scale, Mises was fond of pointing out that consumers are often better educated about the state of the economy than many economists.

“Education” is another example of a kind of rhetorical imperialism that has already captured words like “science” and “evidence.” The bias in favor of “education” is basically a bias in favor of the opinions of the contemporary intellectual classes, and a devotion to the status quo in higher education. The intellectuals treat education as a shmoo because often, that’s exactly what it is to them: simply another word for describing their own collection of homogeneous opinions and concepts, which they believe should form the sum of all discussion. Fortunately, more and more people are beginning to realize that true education does not and cannot thrive in this environment, which increasingly closes itself off from the real world and the people in it. This is the perfect time for organizations like the Mises Institute to take up the challenge of bringing genuine learning to the masses, both inside and outside the academy.

Read more at:

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Marxist professors teaching that success should be penalized, CEOs should be imprisoned /campusinsanity/2016-12-30-marxist-professors-teaching-that-success-should-be-penalized-ceos-should-be-imprisoned.html /campusinsanity/2016-12-30-marxist-professors-teaching-that-success-should-be-penalized-ceos-should-be-imprisoned.html#respond Wed, 30 Nov -0001 00:00:00 +0000 At the University of Colorado, a humanities course is asking its students to reconsider how they perceive their country. Professors are arguing the possibility that the founding fathers of our nation would have been considered terrorists by today’s standards, and that wealthy CEO’s should be imprisoned.

It has been reported that two professors at the Colorado public university are feeding their students a big ration of Marxist revisionism. The course in question is called Resistance and Revolution, and it has 2 teaching professors. History lecturer Jared Benson, and sociology instructor Nicholas Lee combine to argue that the ideals upon which America was founded were nothing more than a fabrication for a social movement. Lee argues that the founding fathers qualify as a terrorist organization because they participated in tarring and feathering. By the way, there is no definitive evidence to support his claim.

Lee has said that “They were an organization of guys that went out and did stuff, tarring and feathering in effigy, and sometimes it wasn’t in effigy. As Jared pointed out, by any modern definition, they were a terrorist organization. I don’t say that to be hyperbolic, literally an organization that uses terror to accomplish what they want, that’s exactly what they were doing, right? So all these people who were our Founding Fathers—well it’s all relative at the time—were using violence and terror.”

Benson and Lee both argue that the Revolutionary War had little to do with freedom because only the wealthy were affected by taxes. They believe that the rich manipulated the oppressed into fighting the war for them. Lee believes that wealthy colonists worked to manufacture discontent using slave rhetoric. “The wealthy led the colonists to believe they were suffering as a result of the British even though the quality of living was actually very high in the colonies for the people at the time—higher than London for the average person.”

Benson provided a lightly shielded comparison between Thomas Paine and Donald Trump. He argued that Paine’s famous work “Common Sense” used hatred and fear to rile up the population. “He caters to the lowest common denominator—people who are scared—scared of things that are different—of different stories, of different narratives. This should sound very similar in 2016. Appeal to the masses by giving them people to fear and hate” said Benson.

Marxist and socialist themes were frequently brought into the course from the two professors. Lee argued to eliminate extreme corporate profits by questioning why corporation’s profits aren’t being reduced in an equivalent amount, instead of increasing the cost of goods. Lee also believes that wealthy CEOs have failed to uphold their human responsibility, and should be placed into moral prisons for their actions.

There is a new website called Professor Watch list which draws attention to professors that show discrimination towards conservative students, promote values that are anti-American, or advances leftist propaganda in their classrooms. The website relies on open submissions from anyone who wishes to file a complaint, then uses the public space to call those professors out. Professor profiles list fields targeted in the curriculum, along with accompanying offenses supposedly committed by the professor. Much of the critiques fall within normal academic and political discourse despite viewing the professors take as unpalatable. The watchlist can however target outspoken Marxist activists who encourage their students to become involved in political activism.

While there are definitely some deserving names that are currently missing from the watch list, it’s not a bad place to start if you wish to know what you might be getting yourself into when deciding whether or not to take a particular course.


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Leftist “tolerance” on display as unhinged liberals call for genocide against whites and attacks on conservative “cripples” /campusinsanity/2016-12-26-leftist-tolerance-on-display-unhinged-genocide-against-whites-attacks-on-cripples.html /campusinsanity/2016-12-26-leftist-tolerance-on-display-unhinged-genocide-against-whites-attacks-on-cripples.html#respond Wed, 30 Nov -0001 00:00:00 +0000 As the unhinged political left continues to unravel into what can only be called sociopathic mental illness, I thought it might be educational to bring you four recent, shocking episodes of left-wing “tolerance” on display.

As you review these, remember that “tolerance” of the left is selectively applied only to those who agree with every important political narrative of liberalism. Anyone who disagrees with the false narratives of the left is targeted for extreme hatred, death threats and now even a call to be exterminated via actual genocide.

This is what happens when the party of “love wins” loses the election: They turn to hatred, violence and deeply rooted desired to literally kill everyone who doesn’t agree with them.

Example #1: Left-wing hate monger attacks Texas Governor Greg Abbot for being a “cripple”


A Twitter user attacked Texas Governor Greg Abbott for his religious faith and asked him why God has never helped him walk again.

Abbott has been confined to a wheelchair since July 1984 when a tree fell on him, breaking his back. He was running with a law school friend at the time through a neighborhood in Houston.

The Twitter user, @dschlick, tweeted out “Hey @GregAbbott_TX, since you’re so holy and close to God, when is he going to make you walk again? #crippledgreg #charlatanabbott.”

For the record, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott is far more of a courageous man and visionary leader than Obama or any left-winger could ever hope to be. There’s simply no comparison. Gov. Abbott is a man I would be honored to call “President” one day.

Example #2: Left-wing Drexel University professor calls for genocide against whites


A professor at Philadelphia’s Drexel University has a heartwarming Christmas message: Associate Professor of Politics and Global Studies George Ciccariello-Maher is wishing for a “white genocide.”

Taking to his Twitter account on Christmas eve, Ciccariello-Maher, himself a white man, tweeted, “All I Want for Christmas is White Genocide” … The professor who describes himself as a “visiting researcher” at El Instituto de Investigaciones Sociales in Mexico also had praise for the “massacre of whites.”

The professor’s Twitter feed is filled with hateful, obnoxious messages, anti-Americanism, slams of President Donald Trump, attacks on Jews, as well as pro-Black Lives Matter and pro-communist sloganeering.

Yes, this is the “love” and “compassion” from the left, demonstrating the “tolerance” for all humankind that we’re told is exclusive to liberals.

Gosh, achieving “diversity” is almost instantaneous if all whites are exterminated in a new left-wing Holocaust, isn’t it? Good thing we have the Second Amendment, I would argue, so that we can defend ourselves against violent left-wing whackos when they try to commit genocide against innocent women and children who happen to be Caucasian.

Example #3: Extreme harassment of a female college student by Clinton supporters causes her to drop out


A freshman student [Andi Moritz] at Bryn Mawr College has dropped out after what she says was unbearable harassment from her fellow students for supporting President-elect Donald Trump.

Moritz told the English House Gazette, a Bryn Mawr student blog, that a low point came when she was approached by a peer mentor in her dorm, who instead of offering support began to vilify her. The peer mentor said Moritz had “personally attacked” other students by expressing support for Trump.

Moritz told the response was so hostile she ended up calling a suicide hotline for support. Later, she visited a campus counselor, who she says wasn’t very helpful.

So, according to college student snowflakes, merely supporting Donald Trump is a “personal attack” on the entire student body. Yes, this is how insane and mentally ill the left-wing colleges and universities have become in America. To them, genocide against whites is “good” but supporting a Republican is “an attack” against everyone.

Example #4: Ivanka Trump stalked, harassed on commercial flight by insanely angry left-wing nut job


Ivanka, who was with her husband Jared Kushner and three children, was harassed by a male passenger who told her that “Your father is ruining the country,” before declaring that “She should be flying private.”

As the man continued his tirade, he was removed from the flight and could be heard screaming, “You’re kicking me off for expressing my opinion,” as he was taken by security.

The husband of the passenger, Matt Lasner, later took to Twitter to recount the event, where he boasted how his husband was “chasing them down to harass them.”

To summarize the left’s “tolerance,” if you agree with genocide, verbal assaults and extreme threats against “cripples,” then you are “tolerant” (and even progressive)

So now we really get down to the root of liberalism, which is best described at this point as a mental disorder. The most fervent advocates of liberalism are violent, unstable nut jobs, conspiracy theorists and whackos who fake hate crimes against themselves with shocking frequency (nearly every “hate crime” reported by the Huffington Post, MSNBC or CNN later turns out to be a false flag hoax committed by leftists against themselves).

The mass psychosis of the unhinged left stems from the deep linguistic programming of the hypnotic left-wing media which has literally programmed left-wingers into near-Manchurian candidates to be “activated” at any moment against conservatives. To top it all off, left-wing whackos are now convinced that the KKK is everywhere, Russians “hacked” the election, genocide against whites is “diversity,” and chopping up living human babies for organ harvesting is “women’s health.”

The extreme violence, delusional narratives and unbridled hatred now being demonstrated by those on the left isn’t merely amusing; it’s dangerous to society.

Hillary Clinton’s FEMA Fun Camps now have a whole new use under President Trump

I sense we are rapidly approaching the day where We the People are going to have to quite literally institutionalize many of these left-wing nut jobs and subject them to some sort of deprogramming therapy in the hopes of being able to allow them to eventually return to society with their mental faculties restored. Some of them have become so unhinged and completely out of touch with reality that they can no longer function in society without posing a very real threat to the people around them.

Perhaps after January 20, President Trump can help American heal by calling for a nationwide treatment program for delusional, paranoid leftists who have been put into a state of mental derangement by CNN, the NYT, WashPost, MSNBC and left-wing hate spewing political grunts like Michael Moore. A mere 30-day time out from the left-wing media might allow a large number of its victims to finally come to their senses and wake up from their hypnosis programming.

Good thing we already have Hillary Clinton’s “fun camps” built and ready to be put to good use, eh? Now we finally know their greater purpose: Serving as de-hypnosis centers for mentally ill leftists who can no longer function in a democratic society.

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Snowflake college students demanding “sanctuary” from student loans and final exams /campusinsanity/2016-12-15-snowflake-college-students-demanding-sanctuary-from-student-loans-and-final-exams.html /campusinsanity/2016-12-15-snowflake-college-students-demanding-sanctuary-from-student-loans-and-final-exams.html#respond Wed, 30 Nov -0001 00:00:00 +0000 Students nationwide are asking their colleges to become sanctuary campuses for undocumented students. This means university administrators would have to ignore federal immigration laws by refusing to share information about undocumented students with immigration officials. Several schools have already declared themselves as being sanctuary campuses, including Portland State University, Reed College, and Colombia University.

Students were interviewed at George Washington University by Campus Reform after a pro-sanctuary walk-out several weeks prior. The students questioned said that they were overwhelmingly in favor of their school becoming a sanctuary campus. Students said that it’s a great thing because undocumented students have a right to be attending school. Students also said that it’s very important for students to feel safe in their learning space.

Since the students are suggesting that their administration should ignore federal law, Campus Reform also asked them if they wanted their campus to be a sanctuary from other laws too. “What about a sanctuary campus where student loan laws don’t affect you here?” Campus Reform asked. “Oh, absolutely,” responded one student, while another agreed, saying, “Yes, that’d be cool.” Students were also alright with the school becoming a sanctuary from underage drinking laws. Students would feel safer if they could drink and party without fear of legal consequences.

Some students went far enough to say the school shouldn’t require final exams due to recent stress from the 2016 election. “School’s been really stressful especially after the Trump election,” one student vented. “Like, it’s really hard to focus on your studies when there’s so much else going on.” Campus Reform only found one student who refused to support the idea of ignoring federal laws on campus. “I don’t believe in harboring criminals,” said the student who voted for Donald Trump, “I think, it’s against the law, we have to enforce federal law where it stands.”

Since the questions were posed to the students, it’s not a real indicator of something they are actively pursuing. Undocumented individuals who wish to learn have all the resources in the world available for them to do so. This includes libraries, the internet, and the ability to purchase the exact same textbooks used in college courses. It’s crazy to suggest exemption from a final exam while also requesting the ability to and drink and party freely. The elections were stressful for everyone as are many things in life. Some people prefer to work hard and persevere rather than make excuses.


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Over a quarter of medical students are depressed, suicidal /campusinsanity/2016-12-14-over-a-quarter-of-medical-students-are-depressed-suicidal.html /campusinsanity/2016-12-14-over-a-quarter-of-medical-students-are-depressed-suicidal.html#respond Wed, 30 Nov -0001 00:00:00 +0000 It’s very difficult to get through medical school – which involves brutal, long hours of studying and doing residency work – which is why there is not an over-abundance of doctors walking around. It’s so tough, in fact, that a new study has uncovered an alarming statistic: Around a quarter of students in med school are depressed.

In addition, as reported by CNN, about one in 10 report being suicidal at some point during their education, according to a recent analysis in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA).

In fact, researchers found, depression is really just “an open secret” within the profession, according to Dr. Douglas Mata, co-principle author, and a clinical fellow at Harvard Medical School.

Co-principle author Dr. Srijan Sen noted that the calculations cited in the study are not merely numbers.

‘It hit home’

“When I was a medical student, a couple of people just a little bit older than me really suffered with depression and had serious suicide attempts, and one of them completed suicide,” said Sen, a professor of depression and neurosciences at the University of Michigan.

“It hit home to me and made me realize how big a problem this was and was part of the reason why I got involved in this research.”

The two physicians and academics, as well their colleagues, examined databases for published studies reporting incidences of depression prevalence among medical students. All the studies they found, save one, relied on surveys in which the students self-reported their own symptoms.

Mata said that the researchers found several hundred individual studies of smaller groups of students, though each one alone “is not that impactful.” His hypothesis was that if they combined everything and did a meta-analysis of the data, that would give them something north of 120,000 people to examine.

In the end, the team determined that med school depression was universal around the world, which “kind of underscores how serious this is.”

CNN noted that the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders defines “major depressive disorder” as one based on nine specific symptoms that can be identified and diagnosed during an in-person interview. Speaking technically, the surveys – which seek to identify the symptoms based on a standardized methodology – cannot in and of themselves diagnose depression, Mata noted. However, every survey had been validated in previous studies and demonstrated to be in sync with diagnoses that are based on interviews.

“That’s why we trust the data that we were able to put together,” said Mata, adding that the surveys also provide the benefit of anonymity to the participant.

And since there is still some stigma associated with mental and mood disorders, medical students are much more likely to be up front about their symptoms if they know they won’t have to worry about their attending physician or a medical board discovering their responses. Mata noted that he was motivated by the need to produce data for policymakers to be made fully aware of just how pervasive the problem has become among the world’s future physicians, so that they can develop policies to ease mental strain.

Painting a full picture of the problem

In their study, the researchers measure the prevalence of depression or depressive symptoms as almost 26.7 percent, with 37,933 of the 122,356 participants reporting them. A subset of 24 studies from 15 different countries analyzed suicidal thoughts, and in that instance, the prevalence was 11 percent, or 2,043 of 21,002 participants, the research team said.

While there was some variation across regions, it was determined by the team that medical students are between two and five times more likely to become depressed than the general population of the United States.

Perhaps more alarming, is that the research team discovered that the percentage of students who see a physician about their depression is very low, at only 15.7 percent.

In 2015, Mata, Sen and colleagues published a related paper that focused on depression in medical residents.

“Taken together, these two papers paint a full picture of the life cycle of mood disorder and wellness from the beginning of medical school to the end of residency. The two studies in combination serve as an impetus for educators and policy-makers to take this problem seriously,” Mata said. “What is it about the medical school environment that is leading to these adverse outcomes?”


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Student athletes becoming drug addicts after doctors prescribe opioids for their injuries /campusinsanity/2016-12-14-student-athletes-are-becoming-drug-addicts-due-to-doctors-prescribing-opioids-for-injuries.html /campusinsanity/2016-12-14-student-athletes-are-becoming-drug-addicts-due-to-doctors-prescribing-opioids-for-injuries.html#respond Wed, 30 Nov -0001 00:00:00 +0000 Playing sports at any age can lead to injuries, and that is especially true of football, basketball and even baseball. When adult athletes get injured, they are often prescribed opioid pain killers to get them by – often with devastating effects.

But what about when student athletes suffer injuries? It turns out that many of them, too, are prescribed habit-forming opioids, forming an addiction that can turn out to be worse (and far more lasting) than the original injury.

As the Today show reported on its website, John Haskell, as a high school football player, was used to physical contact. However, being diagnosed with his fourth concussion became a real game-changer for him; his doctor prescribed a very powerful painkiller for his throbbing headaches.

“He looked in my ears, checked my hearing, checked my eyes. And the next thing I know, I’m at CVS getting Vicodin,” the teenager told the show’s correspondents in an interview.

Addict at 15

Just 15 years old at the time, Haskell became a member of a different club: Student athletes who become addicted to dangerous opioids, sometimes moving on to even more dangerous street drugs, after they get hurt playing a sport.

Over the course of time, the youngster developed an addiction to pain pills, and then heroin – which was less expensive. Now at 18 years old, he’s sober and is doing very well. But health experts say his experience ought to be a warning both to parents and the medical industry, as well as for other injured players.

“As a parent, you need to take a more advocating role and ask your provider why are they going this route?” said Dr. Harold Shinitzky, a sports psychologist. “Why is it automatically an opioid or a painkiller?”

Interestingly, as reported by Health Day, a study released in July found that teen athletes are less likely to abuse prescription opioids than are kids who are not involved in school sports and don’t exercise.

That finding doesn’t appear to jibe with the understanding held by many in the mainstream medical community who have been concerned about the rising instances of opioid addiction among teen athletes. Dr. Wilson Compton, deputy director of the U.S. National Institute on Drug Abuse, said he was “surprised” by that finding.

“A key risk (for teenage athletes) is a desire to please and for acceptance,” he said, as Health Day reported. “But this study shows overall rates (of use) are declining.”

Anecdotal evidence that some teens become addicts

University of Michigan researchers, for that particular study, analyzed data from nearly 192,000 students in the 8th and 10th grades who took part in a federally funded study from 1997 to 2014. Over those years, doctors handed out many more opioid prescriptions for children and teenagers, while non-medical use of opioids also increased sharply. At about the same time, deaths from overdoses involving opioids like Vicodin, OxyContin, Percocet and heroin almost quadrupled in the U.S., the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said.

The study’s results suggest that participation in organized team sports may actually serve as a bulwark against opioid abuse and addiction, according to study co-author Philip Veliz, with the university’s Institute for Social Research.

The website noted that the study’s findings “run counter” to other research that has been conducted and published in recent years.

Veliz also suggested that there is anecdotal evidence that prescribing opioids to teenagers following a sports injury could lead some of them to become heroin addicts (as evidenced by what happened to Haskell – again, because it is easier and cheaper for them to obtain).

But, he added, there have been no large-scale studies that have measured whether abuse of recommended painkillers is in turn leading to an “epidemic” of heroin use among high school athletes.


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“Ze” gender-neutral pronoun being pushed by safe space universities is identical to Communist China pronoun /campusinsanity/2016-12-12-ze-gender-neutral-pronoun-safe-space-universities-communist-china-mandarin.html /campusinsanity/2016-12-12-ze-gender-neutral-pronoun-safe-space-universities-communist-china-mandarin.html#respond Wed, 30 Nov -0001 00:00:00 +0000 “Students at Oxford University have been told to use the pronoun ‘ze’ rather than ‘he’ or ‘she’ to eliminate discrimination against transgender people,” reported today.

“Guidance offered in a leaflet by the students’ union advises against using traditional pronouns, arguing that doing so suggests there are only two genders. Deliberately using the wrong pronoun for a transgendered person is an offence under the union’s code of conduct.”

I have news for all the snowflake “biological denialists” at Oxford and other “safe space” campus across America: There are only two sexes in humans: male and female.

This attempted removal of gender-specific pronouns from the English language is a blatant (and horrifying) campaign to sterilize the English language in order to appease a tiny fraction of the population that is, technically speaking, suffering from a condition that’s still recognized as a “mental illness” by the World Health Organization.

Esteemed psychiatrist explains why transgenderism is a mental disorder

“Transgenderism” is not rooted in biological reality. It is a mental disconnect from reality, and universities have no place trying to force gender-neutral language onto everyone just to appease biological denialists. As John Hopkins psychiatrist Dr. Paul R. McHugh wrote (source below), “…let us address the basic assumption of the contemporary parade: the idea that exchange of one’s sex is possible. It, like the storied Emperor, is starkly, nakedly false. Transgendered men do not become women, nor do transgendered women become men. All (including Bruce Jenner) become feminized men or masculinized women, counterfeits or impersonators of the sex with which they ‘identify’.”

As he continued in “Transgenderism: A Pathogenic Meme,” “[transgenderism] is doing much damage to families, adolescents, and children and should be confronted as an opinion without biological foundation wherever it emerge.”

Communist China has no gender-specific pronouns, either… Oxford wants to turn English into a sterilized “communist” language

One fact in all this that virtually no one seems to consider is that Mandarin Chinese does not use “he” and “she” pronouns at all. People are referred to as “ta” which could mean either gender. I speak Mandarin Chinese, so I’m very familiar with this pronoun form. It explains why people from China tend to confuse “he” and “she” in the English language. You will often hear a Chinese man, when speaking English, say something like, “My wife, he went to the grocery store today…”

What’s really fascinating about this is that once children are raised to speak a language that lacks gender pronouns, as adults they can rarely speak correctly with such pronouns.

In other words, what Oxford and other delusional “safe space” universities are attempting to do is permanently remove gender pronouns from the English language, making sure future generations of Americans can’t even grasp the concept. This is nothing short of “linguistic eradication” of gender pronouns.

This is precisely the kind of social engineering that college campuses are now prioritizing in their indoctrination campaigns. Today, colleges aren’t trying to educate young people; they’re attempting to indoctrinate them with a new, radical left social agenda.

That agenda includes eliminating gender-specific pronouns, “normalizing” the mental illness of transgenderism, destroying the male archetype and feminizing everyone in society to the point where they are all turned into pathetic, self-loathing neutered weaklings ruled by domineering P.C. gender-jihadi facists.

Remember, in the world of delusional P.C. leftists, feelings matter more than facts. “Facts” actually have no place whatsoever in the leftist worldview. Only “feelings” determine their reality, which is why they can exist in such total contradiction to their biological reality.

Now, delusional leftists want to force their mental illness onto everyone

The most disturbing part of the left’s radical transgenderism agenda is that they are demanding all Americans adopt their mental illness and delusional, twisted worldview. If you believe that an individual cannot change XY chromosomes into XX chromosomes through wishful thinking, you are going to be derided as a “vile hater” who’s mean to people. But if you embrace the complete lunacy of believing that a male can be magically transformed into a female by declaring himself to be a woman, then you will be embraced by the mentally ill left, a dangerous “cult” that has proven itself to be utterly detached from reality on countless issues, from climate change to transgenderism to believing in lunatic Russian conspiracy theories about Trump’s election victory.

On a personal note, knowing how self-deceived these people are about sex, gender and climate change, I’m beginning to doubt everything claimed by the lunatic left. I’m coming to realize that the logic and reason parts of their brains no longer function at all, and they exist solely as “emotional animals” with no logic-based cognitive function whatsoever. You can’t reason with these people because the “reason” parts of their brains don’t work anymore.

So NO, those of us who are capable of intelligent thinking based in reality are not willing to acquiesce to the mental illness of the “alt-left” and their P.C. lingui-cide. They want to kill language, destroy rational thinking, obliterate logic and demand absolute obedience to their lunatic “bubble” fairy tales.

In essence, the goal of the radical left is to make you believe that utterly false, mentally insane narratives are “facts,” while things you know to be literally true are marginalized as “conspiracy theories.”

This also explains why left-wing news isn’t rooted in factual reality, either

Now, their false (and ridiculous) narratives have completely taken over academia, Hollywood movies, TV shows and most of pop culture. But repeating a falsehood over and over again doesn’t magically make it true. Just as they believe that gender is a “feeling” and not rooted in biological reality, they also think news facts should be based on feelings rather than evidence. Their fact-free lunacy pervades every institution of society, from education to news publishers to the workplace.

It’s all a sickness on society. It is mental illness run amok, pushed by delusional snowflakes who are so mentally malleable, many of them literally worship Hillary Clinton as a spiritual goddess. The “cult of leftism” is a danger to us all, and we must halt their transgenderism transgressions against sanity, reason and reality. We must reject their lunatic language sterilization attempts and bring our culture back from the brink of left-wing insanity.

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