Public school system SUED for indoctrinating children with gun control propaganda

A coalition of concerned parents in the far-Left enclave of Portland, Oregon, is suing the local public school system there over anti-Second Amendment propaganda, which they say is being actively taught to their children in the classroom on the taxpayers’ dime.

Reports indicate that these parents are upset not only that Portland Public Schools (P.P.S.) apparently sees nothing wrong with young, impressionable minds being indoctrinated with anti-American drivel, but also that students within the district are being encouraged – and in some cases even coerced – into skipping class and participating in various anti-gun marches and rallies.

P.P.S. “teachers” are apparently using scarce district resources to coordinate these anti-Second Amendment events with the help of “outside activists,” whom they’re reportedly colluding with for the purpose of staging walkouts and other demonstrations in lockstep with the anti-gun agenda of the Democrat Party.

“It’s wrong for the schools to essentially hijack public resources to push one side of a controversial issue and to misuse children as puppets in their exercise,” stated James Buchal, the parents’ lawyer and chair of the Multnomah County Republican Party, about the situation.

“It’s a giant scheme of manipulation and it’s not what people want their education dollars spent on.”

Portland Public Schools says lawsuit is “baseless” while encouraging students to also stage walkouts in protest of climate change

In response to the suit, Harry Esteve, the spokesman for P.P.S., told local media outlets that he personally believes the whole thing is “baseless,” and that concerned parents are simply making much ado about nothing.

“There’s just no base for what he’s claiming,” Esteve stated about Buchal’s argument in opposition to how P.P.S. is handling its educational responsibilities. “And the disappointing part about that is that we still have to spend a lot of time and district resources on it.”

According to Esteve, P.P.S. has turned over thousands of documents and e-mails at the request of Buchal, which he says prove that the district has done nothing wrong in encouraging students to fight against their own Second Amendment rights.

“If you read those, it will show that we were very intentional and very thoughtful making sure students were safe, making sure their rights were protected,” Esteve claims.

Meanwhile, P.P.S. “teachers” are apparently busy working on other protests and walkouts for their students, including a recent march against “climate change.”

P.P.S. claims that it’s unsure just how many students within the district were planning to participate in the climate change walkout. It further told local news outlets that any students who did participate would be given “unexcused absences.”

What happened to reading, writing, and arithmetic?

It would seem that the days are gone when students were simply taught how to think, as opposed to what to think. While curriculum once centered around things like reading, writing, and arithmetic, today it’s focused on “social justice” issues like getting rid of guns and denigrating white people.

This is why a growing number of parents are coming to the realization that public schooling isn’t for them or their children – and it’s also why many of them are pushing to end the taxpayer gravy train that keeps these indoctrination compounds afloat.

“I can’t speak for Portland, but we saw many schools jumping at the opportunity to not just allow students to stage walkouts, but to seemingly encourage them by giving it a stamp of approval,” writes Tom Knighton for

“It’s possible many participating in the walkout weren’t proponents of gun control or even those who just saw it as an excuse to get out of class. Some might have been fearful of repercussions if they didn’t participate,” he adds.

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