According to the Left, it’s WRONG to cheat to get into college, but fine to cheat to get into our country

Recently, we’ve seen how ultra-rich, entitled celebrities in America illegally “buy” their teenage children’s way into college when the kid’s academics don’t meet the ultra-high “par” demanded by top notch, prestigious American Universities. Yes, the FBI actually indicted a couple of famous actresses paying off some test proctors and bribing coaches to pave the way for their kids’ admission.

This has been blasted all across all media for the world to see how these awful elites get anything they want, when they want it, including cheating their way into college. The world has responded in that ultra-flabbergasted way, disgusted, angry, and ready to burn those “scarecrows” and make an example of their criminal ways. America awaits their punishment, if found guilty of this unforgivable scandal that’s rocking the media.

But wait, you haven’t heard the breaking news. In a massive twist of plot and logic, not one Leftist in America is condemning the crime of illegal immigrants cheating their way into free healthcare, food, voting rights, and yes, soon free income and any college admission of their choice. You don’t think so? It’s what’s for dinner. You might even see future prosecutions and public “crucifications” (Think Trump and Kavanaugh here) become pay-per-view events (death row style).

The Hypocrisy from the Left is deafening in America – where justice only applies to whom they choose to crucify

The hypocrisy from the Left is deafening, and with the $20 million-dollar-nothing-burger served up by Mueller, the FBI, and the mass media, the insanity is simply being delivered raw, uncensored, and undisguised. Yes, it’s still wrong to cheat your way into college, but it’s fine to let some hardened “non-citizen” criminals rape and pillage America so they can vote for the socialist Left in two years for more “free stuff” from a government that wants nothing less than impoverished, diseased slaves too dumb to know the difference.

And so comes the message from the KINGS of fake news – CNN, New York Times, and Washington Post – how we should all hate tall, white dudes with money, and despise all Christians and Jews, but love everyone else unconditionally, until the so-called “God-loving” Democrats can wreck the Republic, take our guns, privatize businesses and income away, and give it all to the ever-innocent illegal immigrants, as the tech giants all tell us the answer to “global warming” is to decimate our entire agricultural industry in the next 12 years.

Has even one single Democrat come out and said how screwed up their party is to be supporting day-of-birth executions of human babies? Where’s the outrage there? Do we only care about college-admission-payoffs now?

Can you see the wrecking ball swinging now? It’s knocking over every school, home, business, skyscraper, and nuclear plant in America. It’s smashing every car, SUV, farm tractor, and 18-wheeler, plus the machines that make them. Not one single Democrat voted for the “Green New Deal” because they all know it will annihilate American agriculture in one fell swoop, and the gun owners will come out of the hills and burn down D.C., of course, after getting Trump out of there.

According to the Left, it’s wrong to cheat to get into college, but it’s the RIGHT thing to do to KILL a baby the day it’s born if you decide you don’t like it

The Health Ranger Mike Adams said it best, “The goal of the media is to poison the minds of the masses with toxic hatred and engineered “thought loops.” We still see videos all over the internet (but maybe not for long) of the World Trade Center buildings getting hit by what looks like passenger planes, and then creepily falling to the ground demolition style. Then it all got cleaned up in a massive hurry. Can you say “Deep State” without gagging?

We can’t get it out of our heads, thanks to the media loops run by MSM that dreadful year of 2001. Some criminals perpetrated crimes against our most “sacred” businesses and government planning hubs using planes and lots of dynamite. Now Hollywood has some awful criminals who are cheating smart kids out of their right to an education at the college they deserve to attend, because in America, money talks and, well, you know the rest.

Pay close attention to the events and staged corruption occurring in this country right now. Watch how the Democrats/Socialists/Communists selectively broadcast in loops the “bad guys” they want you to crucify in your mind, while completely censoring any news whatsoever about hundreds, if not thousands, of illegal aliens who murder, rape, steal, and cheat in America, and get away with it all.

Keep your eyes open (#KYEO) everybody. Eat pure food and drink clean water. Avoid all chemical, lab-made medications. The fake news is getting more and more fake. They just got busted in the biggest, longest farce ever, while they push for open borders to bring America to its knees, so they can rule like  “the Fuhrer.” The Democrats want your mind, your health, your wealth, and your guns too. This is why.

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